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Romantic Experience

Couple laying on a bed & having champagne at Originals Hotels
Couple laying on a bed & having Champagne at Originals Hotels

When you're in love, there are a thousand and one great opportunities to treat yourselves with a romantic break. To let your Love flourish, we envisioned the Break for Two offer: the published rate includes the night, breakfast, and a bottle of champagne. To extend the pleasure a little longer, the offer includes a late check-out. Whether you’re celebrating a specific occasion or simply to say "I love you", there is always a good reason to come to us.  

All our hoteliers give you a warm welcome, everywhere in France and in the world. As we value difference, you will always find the hotel which suits you best: by the sea, in the mountains, in the city center or in the countryside, each place is unique and offers you the opportunity to live hotel experiences in a more human and local way. You always have something special to live for. Each place, each hotel is different, and each stay is an opportunity to shape unique memories for two.

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