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Attractions near Hotel Anne d'Anjou in Saumur, France
Attractions near Hotel Anne d'Anjou in Saumur, France

A break in the Loire Valley

What to do during your stay in Saumur?

Ideally located at the crossroads of the provinces of Anjou and Touraine; Saumur is the third-largest city in Anjou and has a rich natural and historical heritage.

Having at heart that you take full advantage of your stay in Saumur, Sylvain and his team offer you their selection of essentials to see and do during your stopover in the Pays de la Loire region.

Aerial view of The Loire near The Originals Hotels

The Loire

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Loire Valley is a unique natural site. Closely linked to the history of France, it is remarkable for the quality of its architectural heritage, its historic towns and its world-famous castles.

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The Chateau de Saumur near The Originals Hotels

The Château de Saumur

Nestled on the hill overlooking the Loire, the Château de Saumur is a true jewel of history and architecture, and its visit one of the essential activities of a stay in Saumur.

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The Cadre Noir near The Originals Hotels

The Cadre Noir

Stemming from the military equestrian tradition, the Cadre Noir de Saumur now forms the teaching staff of the National Equestrian School and contributes to promoting the French Equestrian tradition, which is also included on the list of the intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO Humanity since 2011.

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Tank Museum- Musee des Blindes near The Originals Hotels

The Tank Museum

Housing a unique collection in Europe of nearly 800 vehicles, the Saumur Armored Museum allows neophytes and specialists to appreciate the most characteristic or legendary tanks.

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Gratien & Meyer Wine seller near The Originals Hotels

Wine Cave Gratien & Meyer

Whether it is to discover the astonishing Art-Deco architecture of the building, to explore the immense galleries dug in the tufa, or simply to taste the fine bubbles of the Crémant de Loire and Saumur appellation, a visit to the Gratien & Meyer cellar is more than recommended. 

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Saumur, France
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